the Art of carving out coconut in the husk


I know that from the 50's Florida was a place traditionally where
was imported coconuts carved from the Philippines. But I am nearly
sure that at that time, some local carvers begun to produce their
own models. Do you remember  Handicraft Companies in Florida
during this period like "Tropical Art Novelty" by Karl Balasky? I would
like to trace such activity in the US, help me!

For many items I bought or just seen,
I do not have information concerning the origin or age.
If any of them remind you something,
please, send me an email, or a coconut postcard.

coconut Hawaii

where do I come from?
I don't know and you brother? no idea!
coconut coconut coconut coconut
Tiki Island?
which one? Hong Kong? elementary my
dear Watson!
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