the Art of carving out coconut in the husk

This page presents some original items

coconut Porto Rico
coconut Presley
coconut Bangalore
coconut Sommerset
this head has been offered to the
President Truman and is now preserved
at the Truman's Library
This coconut head should have been
handed to Elvis Presley during his
performance in Johnson City, on
February 17th 1977

Pieces exposed (origin unknown) in Bangalore,
Item found in a Victorian mansion
in North Sommerset
coconut Baltazar coconut Pavel coconut mexico coconut Cebu
Coconut carved presented by B. Avila
Espinosa during the FIART '95 in La
Habana, UNESCO Project
Two sculptures by P. Aguilera exposed at the
Casa de la Plata Museum for the City Foundation
Birthday in 2008 "colonial bridge and tower"
This is a typical original fake!
thank you M Photoshop
The Philippines export full containers of
coconuts carved. Here is a prototype never
coconut deep sea
coconut dried,  trawled by 1800 meters deep
in the Bohol Sea in 2005
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