the Art of carving out coconut in the husk

     coconut Porto Rico

President Harry S. Truman
photo by Phil Licata
Courtesy of the Harry S. Truman Library ©


Coconut is the fruit of a palm tree, composed with a natural fiber and a shell inside.
For this reason it may contain insects and/or moistures, dangerous for its conservation.

pest control and quarantine
the sample bought in the country of origin can be carved not totally dry,
when back home it is recommended to clean it, not to introduce diseases.
I suggest, when possible, to put it into the microwave for one minute to kill the remaining organisms.
Remove all metal pieces before (nails...), and take care that any part could be damaged by heating (paintings...).
Then, keep it for a week distant from other pieces. Check possible apparition of insects or sawdust.

Coconut husk catches easily dust, but frequent cleaning damages it.
Use air spray to remove dust, no contact with brush or cloth tissues.
Sunlight even not dangerous for preservation is not recommended.
Keep your collection into a relative dark room. High humidity is detrimental.

elephant from Sri Lanka sawdust showing
presence of insects

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