the Art of carving out coconut in the husk



                     sculpture by Pavel Aguilera Martinez

My collection would not exist without participation of  many friends who have collected coconuts carved for me,
shot many pictures and investigated during trips in the tropics. A great thanks to everybody.
By alphabetical order:

Ahmed Abdou (Comoros), Diana Alem (Brazil), Pavel Aguilera Martinez (Cuba), Philippe Bouchet (France), Franck Boyer (France), Kongkeaw Chanchai (Thaïland), Tiziano Cossignani (Italy), Ben Davis (USA), Jean-François de Jouanet (France), Baltasar Avila Espinosa (Cuba), Edith Ficheux (France), Angela Fields (Barbados), Benoît Fontaine (France), Rene Genre (Hawaii), Ralph Grassi (USA), Olivier Gros (Guadelupe), Maurice Jay (Reunion Island), Aris Jover (France), Joelle Lai (Singapore), Dominique Lamy (Guadelupe), Dex Madden (USA), Ivan Martorell (Australia), Kathy Montgomery (USA), Christian Moreau (France), Fabio Moretzsohn (USA), Igor Muratov (Russia), Nong (Thaïland), Frederick Noronha (India), Nancy Perez Ortiz (Cuba), Hadrien Paultre (France), Rufino Pineda (Vanuatu), Marina Poddubetskaia (France), Manuel Herminio « el Chino » Hung Reyes (Cuba), Alain Robin (France), Bertrand Richer de Forges (New Caledonia), Dagoberto Roche (Cuba), Elias "O Gato" Rodrigues dos Santos (Brazil), Emilio Rolan (Spain), Noel Saguil (Philippines), Ratcha Sreshthabutra (Thaïland), Ellen Strong (USA), Dave Valles (Philippines), Chantal Venière (France), my parents, Harry S. Truman Library (USA), Nongnit's Treasures (Thailand) and Volanka Exports Limited Company (India).

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